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     Research and production center “EVROPRIBOR” Ltd. is one of the leaders among the native suppliers of complex solutions in the sphere of industrial measuring instrumentation. We produce a wide range of high-quality instruments for measuring pressure, pressure difference, level, and also temperature for all industrial spheres. Besides, we do services connected with installation of the produced equipment, warranty and post-warranty services.

  Our own laboratory of pressure measurement do services in setting and preparation for checking of pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters of our own production and those of other manufacturers.


   Research and production center “EVROPRIBOR” Ltd. was founded in Vitebsk in December, 2001 for working-out, production and realization of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, sensors for level measurement and other measuring equipment.

Nowadays R&PC “EVROPRIBOR” Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for pressure, level measurement and registration of technological parameters.

At the same time our company is the official trade and technical representative in Belarus and partner of such companies as:

- enterprise group of “APLISENS” company;

- “LABOR-ASTER” company (Poland);

- «UWT GmbH Level Control» company (Germany);

- «ADEL system» company (Italy).


We offer a wide range of equipment for measuring pressure and level in different agents:

- pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters;

- equipment for level measurement (in open tanks and in pressure tanks);

- equipment for level monitoring of bulk goods;

- seals for hot, viscous, dusty and stiffening  agents;

- electrical transmitters and safety barriers;

- digital indicators and paperless recorders;

- power supplies.

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